Acr Stoves - 5kw traditional

The Rowandale stove features a stunning panoramic door and is equipped

with a powerful airwash to keep the glass clean and show off the fire to its fullestt

Fowey Fith York
Newman Inglebeam and amber collections

A stunning combination of  York design beam with York Stonedesign corners.

You will want to arrive home as soon as possible to enjoy the homely ambience of this fantastic design T.

Malvern II
Acr Stoves - 5kw traditional

 With all the advanced features, build quality and style of the original Malvern stove

The Malvern II Classic introduces a touch of Regency charm with its elegant lines

HWAM 3630M

A wood-burning stove with high heating capacity and a very low particle emissio ...

Eco-friendly  and has a wood section below the combustion chamber, which is concealed behind a beautiful door.

Bideform Beam
Newman Fireplace

B beam with simplicity with fantastic detailing makes a design of great proportions and balance.

Incorporating a Medistone hearth and fire chamber to create a fireplace of stunning clean lines just waiting to be enjoyed T

HWAM 3110M
On a pedestal

HWAM 3110 has been placed on a pedestal without compromising its light and stylish appearance.

The combustion chamber has been lifted to allow for easy operation and an optimal view of the dancing flames 


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